It's National Volunteer Week


This week is National Volunteer Week, a week to celebrate service. Volunteerism empowers individuals to find their purpose, take their passion and turn it into meaningful change. People often think that to make a difference, they have to donate hours of their time, or be in the trenches in a Third World country, or donate hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, when we say every little bit helps, we mean it!

This week, as people generously donate their time to help the causes that ignite their passions, we wanted to focus on what it means to volunteer for a non-profit animal rescue no matter the type of task:

Animal Transport
When you transport an animal from the shelter, you are transporting them to freedom! You are the first point of contact for a once unwanted pet and get to give them their freedom ride. Freedom burgers are no doubt appreciated!

In addition, often times a foster’s work or family schedule conflicts with the date /time off an adoption event, and they are unable to bring their foster pet. When you transport a rescue pet to and from an adoption event, you are helping to facilitate finding them a forever home. You are ensuring they are getting the exposure they need to meet their new family. AND, once adopted, the pet’s foster is now open to take in a new foster pet that is hoping for their freedom ride.

Home Checks
Home checks are vitally important to the foster and adoption process. We want to ensure that a once homeless, abused, and/or neglected animal goes into the right home. We need to confirm the home is safe; that there is adequate fencing around the yard or land; and that the home is the right home for the pet that the family or individual is interested in fostering or adopting. By helping us with a home check, you are helping to ensure the home is just perfect for a rescue pet.

Data Entry
While it may seem very uninteresting, data entry plays a vitally important role in any non-profit organization’s operations. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Donor tracking: It is important for a charity to track donors so they know how much funds it has raised for various programs and its budget. It also allows the organization to remain in frequent contact with donors so they can consistently raise vital funds for its life-saving mission and programs.

  • Statistics: Statistics are very important for a non-profit organization. They show their supporters, donors, board and followers the impact that the organization has made in the community, which helps establish credibility, drive programs, raise funds, and develop important partnerships.

  • Other data: Having a good platform like Salesforce helps a non-profit keep track of mission-critical information. For PPITS, it helps us keep track of shelter and vet records, microchip information, and the contact information of our veterinarians, trainers, specialists, adopters, fosters and volunteers.

Non-profit organizations always need to get the word out about who they are and what they do. It is important for them to create awareness for their mission and programs as well as their impact. Helping a non-profit in the areas of SEO, copy writing, newsletters, social media, etc. helps broaden, inform, and educate its audience and bring awareness to the organization, the communities it serves, and issues it set out to resolve.

This too may not sound like the most exciting job on the planet, but it is nevertheless very important. Some tasks may seem simple, but they still have an impact on an organization’s mission. Responding to emails, coordinating appointments, helping with spreadsheets, drafting documents, and proofreading are all fundamental and help keep the organization running smoothly.

Coordinator positions
Helping an animal rescue is various coordinator positions such as Adoption Coordinator, Foster Coordinator or Medical Coordinator helps ensure that animals are getting the care they need. People in these positions also help find a pet a loving foster home, which saves more pets as well as finding a loving forever home, which also helps to save more pets. It streamlines the process between the founders of the organization and facilitates the vetting, foster and adoption process.

Sadly, millions of pets die every year in the nation’s animal shelter system. This is due to overpopulation and a lack of resources to take care of these animals. Being a pet foster not only gives the pet a second chance at life; it also gives them the opportunity to mend a broken heart and prepare for the next chapter of their life. We can’t save a life without a dedicated foster in place. Being a pet foster is a temporary position which only takes a few weeks or months for the animal to be placed in a furever home! If you have the itch to adopt an animal but not sure you can make a full-time commitment then becoming a foster parent might be a great stepping stone! Check out our video on pet fostering and apply today to save a life!

We always say “every little bit helps” and it does!! It doesn’t matter the amount of the donation: $2, $5, $10… It all adds up and it all matters! Think about it: If everyone who follows our Facebook page gave just $2.00 today, that would equal $10,486.00! With that, we could rescue more medical needs pets and seniors. We could rehabilitate more dogs with behavior issues. We could spay/neuter and microchip more animals in the community and reduce owner surrenders. JUST $2.00 MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

In addition, we always need in-kind donations: food, beds, leashes and collars, litter boxes, toys, etc. We are also always looking for fun items to raffle or auction off at our fundraisers. Click the button below to make a monetary, in-kind, tribute or recurring donation.

There are many more great volunteer opportunities that help with our life-saving mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused, abandoned, stray and neglected companion animals Get involved today! We and all the animals at Paw Prints In The Sand would love your help!