Today Is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

Today marks National Dog Fighting Awareness Day! As an animal rescue organization, we are constantly trying to save those without a voice. But, we can’t do it alone. Today we reach out to the public and ask you to become more aware of the evil practice of dog fighting and how to combat it.

What is Dog Fighting?
Dog fighting is the illegal act of forcing dogs to fight one another for entertainment and, or profit/betting purposes. Dog fight matches can last anywhere from a few minutes to upwards of two or three grueling hours. In most cases, the canines won’t fight to the death, but can sustain serious injuries which often result in fatality.

Signs of Dog Fighting

  • Pit bulls locked up with a heavy padlock and chain. Most will be kept in basements to prevent detection, especially in urban areas. If there are a few pit bulls tied up in a yard while displaying antisocial and aggressive behavior, then chances are that they are being kept for dog fighting purposes.

  • Makeshift conditioning equipment. One example, treadmills with leashes attached which are used to tether dogs forcing them to walk/run till exhaustion.

  • Scarred dogs, especially pit bulls.

  • “Fighting pits” with scratch marks and possibly stained with blood.

What Can I Do To Help?
Sign the HEART Act petition NOW and urge Congress to pass legislation to help victimized dogs find a home faster! The dogs that are rescued can be caught up in the legal system for months or even years. They have suffered long enough and need to be rehabilitated and rehomed faster to ensure a better quality of life.

We have rescued many dogs from dog fighting. It is an amazing start for our furry friends. However, it’s only the beginning of their long journey to getting the loving home they all need and deserve.

Help us rehabilitate and rehome exploited dogs by becoming a monthly donor today!

  • $15 per month helps save a dog from dog fighting.

  • $25 per month helps microchip a dog that was used in dog fighting.

  • $50 per month provides food for a dog.

  • $100 per month helps provide spay or neuter & vaccinations for a dog that was once used i dog fighting.

  • $150 per month provides medical care for a dog that was used in fighting.

  • $500 per month helps train and rehabilitate a dog that was used in dog fighting.

  • $1000 per month helps with all of the above.


  • Become a PPITS foster parent

  • Help with home checks

  • Volunteer at an event

  • Set up a fundraiser on Facebook or GoFundMe

  • Help us network our adoptable pets so we can save more!

  • Volunteer to help transport a PPITS pet to the vet or adoption event

  • Follow us on our social media platforms for more information on how to prevent animal cruelty and how to successfully care for our four-legged companions.

We - and the animals we save - sincerely thank you for your incredible generosity and continued support! We can't do it without you!