The Differences Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil


The pet CBD market has exploded in the past couple years. There are numerous products on the market that promise to provide healing and comfort to your four-legged friend(s). With all of these products claiming “100% Pure Hemp Oil” or “99% CBD Oil” or “Pure Hemp CBD Oil”, it’s easy to get confused. In doing our research for our own line of PPITS CBD oil, we were confused too! So, we decided to break it down and hopefully provide some clarity.

Hemp oil and CBD oil come from different strains of the cannabis sativa plant. Even though it’s the same plant, hemp oil is derived from a strain with a very low cannabinoid count. On the other hand, CBD oil is derived from a strain with a much higher cannabinoid count. Both are low in THC when compared to other marijuana products. Most pet products contain less than .3% THC, so the amount of psychoactive substances is very minimal.

CBD is one of the most vital components of marijuana, and many studies are now showing that it's an important component to supporting a wide array of medical problems. Both hemp oil and CBD oil contain components that are sought after for their healthful properties and have established themselves as useful products—albeit for vastly different reasons.

What is CBD Oil?
CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis sativa flowers, leaves and stalks. It is a natural component of industrial hemp. Extractors try to pull out as much CBD from the plant as possible and then further purify it. Because CBD oil contains higher levels of actual cannabidiol, it has a higher medicinal value for conditions such as cancer, anxiety, seizures, joint pain, and stiffness.

What is hemp oil?
Hemp oil is derived from pressing hemp seeds. As mentioned above, the seeds contain very little CBD and not enough to take advantage of its medicinal properties. However, unlike CBD oil, hemp oil has strong nutritional values, which is why it is ideal for cooking and commonly used in shampoos, soaps and lotions. It can also be used in the production of plastics and bio-diesel fuel.

After all this, you can now see the importance of understanding the differences between CBD oil and hemp oil when it comes to pets and medicinal usage. Brands are using the terms interchangeably, which can cause a great deal of confusion and may disappoint you if you’re looking specifically for a product with medical benefits. Make sure you check the label and look for terms such as “hemp oil extract” to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for in a pet CBD supplement.